Merchandising by OMI

Stitch, vinyl etch or add your logo or image to a t-shirt, jacket, vehicle or sign and become a walking billboard. Through a myriad of methods OMI can emblazon your image on t-shirts, jackets, sweaters, pants, bags and almost anything else you can challenge us with. Looking for a new, unique promotional product? OMI specializes in that too and our team will search to the ends of the Earth (and Mars) to find that perfect item to represent you or your company.

  • Accounting
  • Advanced Print Technology
  • ANSID Direct Wholesaler
  • Apparel
  • Color Stay
  • CORE Stitch
  • Design and Management
  • Development, Production, & Packaging
  • Digital Printing
  • Embroidery
  • Event Merchandising
  • Graphic Layout & Design
  • HD Color Production Technology
  • Installation
  • International Distribution
  • Inventory Management
  • Laser Size Fit & Cutting
  • Logo Items
  • Mass Quantity Buying Power
  • On Site Sales
  • Online Web Sales
  • Professional Applications
  • Promotional Products
  • Screen Printing
  • Signage
  • Soft Print Ink and Products
  • Uniform Wear
  • Worldwide Shipping

Chris GeorgeMerchandising