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“We don’t really encourage professionals to pick a brand,” says Kim Maynard, president of The Next Investment (TNI). “Regardless of how you want your personal brand to be, it’s really how clients reflect upon you that defines your brand.”

Personal branding and business branding are two different things. “Your personal brand is how your clients think and speak about you. The goal is to be authentic and to really show who you are – not only as a professional, but as a person.”

Maynard’s company has become the go-to destination for financial services professionals seeking marketing assistance and personal brand growth.

“We cater specifically to the financial services, and are always looking for individuals who are open to unique ideas and who recognize that there can be a benefit to a consistent marketing plan,” says Maynard. She adapts her marketing platform to the needs of her clients, incorporating their ideas as much as possible.

“We want the pieces that we provide for our clients to reflect who they are. We really try to work very closely with them.” Financial professionals seek help from TNI partly because they are too busy with the day-to-day running of their businesses.

“They are really in the business of addressing their clients’ financial needs, and deciding how to attack those needs to help them reach their goals,” says Maynard. “The advisors that we enjoy working with are those who recognize that marketing is an area that’s really prime for being outsourced. Leave it to someone who does this day in and day out.”

TNI’s unique marketing strategy involves focusing almost exclusively on the creation and distribution of marketing pieces through print mail “Our campaigns are a way of turning an intangible – your branded message – into something tangible. It’s a…

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Chris GeorgeMarketing and Branding Creates Success